Importance Of Zoos

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Zoos are very important Zoos are important and necessary sources of conservation and research. In Japanese elementary schools, zoos are chosen as places of school trip. By visiting zoos, children can enjoy watching animals and can learn how important lives of animals are. Zoos can play an important role in many aspects. Zoos in Japan can protect animals successfully by conserving, breeding and researching them with the associations with universities and institutions. Zoos in Japan conserve animals. First, a lot of endangered species are protected by zoos. On June 2016, 23,928 species were designated for endangered species. These numbers are increasing. (Red List) It is for this reason people influence animal’s habitats. The remarkable example is forests. About 31 percent of the world’s land surface was covered by forests. However, the area of forests was down from the pre-industrial area of 5.9 billion hectares. Deforestation was at its highest rate in the 1990s. And each year, the world is losing 16 million hectares of forests on average. 50-90% of species around the world live in forests. So, their habitats are being deprived. Every day, more than 100 species become extinct. If the present pace of the area of forests decreasing is not stopped, 10-20% of species in the world will become extinct.( National Institute for Environmental Studies)We have to stop the trend. Here, zoos play an important role. A lot of endangered species are protected by zoos. In Higashiyama

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