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WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Social mediais the collection of online communication channels which are community-based input, interaction, sharing content and collaboration. Basically it isa series of websites and software designed to allow whole world to share content quickly, efficiently and effectivelyin real-time. Now a days most of the people define social media as apps on their smartphone, tablet etc. but the fact is, this communication equipment started with computers. This misconception stems from the fact that most social media users access their tools via applications. In fact, many of online users never engage social media. IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA The ability to share photos, events, videos etc. in real-time has changed the way…show more content…
Today, there is tons. Spend thousands of dollars on a Facebook advertise campaign, like, and get no return on investment. Just like competing for space in the newspaper years ago, not competing for eyes on social media. And since social media by its very nature is a "short attention span" media, it is 10 times harder to get attention than it was with a newspaper ad. The advertisement headlines and copy are harder to write on Instagram or Twitterorpinterest than in print. For retailers, most case studies regarding social media are either about large organizations who have big budgets or a food truck who tells its customers what street corner it will be on. Basically the fact is that for the most of the retailers, it is a virtual and literal black hole. One of the biggest mistakes retailers make is to create an account with every social media platform they think is genuine and then leave them with no certain activity. Having an account with social media does not make you "into" it any more than owning football clubs makes you ready for participation in the tournament. Social media users are turned off by the retailer who creates accounts and does not engage and therefore becomes labeled as a pretender. The fact is, it is better to not have a social media icon on the web portal if an individual isn’t going to actively engage…show more content…
It can be done manually through examining the news feeds of various websites or individuals to unveil valuable intelligence based content that need to share.  Content Marketing Content marketing include the use of media, like as text, pictures, videos, slideshows and so on, to get attention and traffic with the intent to position a company or individual as knowledgeable and trusted, and to generate new prospects and consumers. Content marketing is most successful when focused on offering valuable information to the target audience. Content can either be created or curated (collected and organized from around the web). 

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