Importance The Environment Influence Of Student Activities In Schools

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RELATIONSHIP OF COLLEGE ENVIRONMENT INFLUENCE THE STUDENT INOLVEMENT IN CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES IN ASTIN COLLEGE 1.1 INTRODUCTION Today, curriculum in schools has become a part of the education system in Malaysia. Co-curricular activities are outdoor activities that provide educational learning experience for students. Co-curricular activities are considered important tool to fulfil the aspirations of the dominant national education policy, which is unity between students of all races. Co-curricular activities are the continuation of the process of teaching and learning from the classroom. An activity and educational experiences implemented outside or in the classroom is considered as co-curriculum (Nor Azah, 2007). Co-curricular activities are important to strengthen and complement the process of learning in the classroom. In addition, it can also show behavioural changes and affect student’s personalities. The experience gained can help students to build good personalities (Erin et al., 2010) and able to dominate a handful of soft skills. Important experience and skills can be clearly added to students through some co-curriculum activities (Reaves et al., 2010). Nowadays, the knowledge is more valuable when applied in practice and not merely to score in exams in the classroom only. The co-curriculum course can be used as a medium for students to develop their interests and talents which may be limited in the curriculum (Mohaney et al., 2003; Jamaludin et al. 2009;

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