How To Write An Essay On How Decision Making Affect My Life

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Decision making is a crucial part of our everyday lives. We make decisions every second on whether we want to wake up or keep sleeping. We make decisions on what we want to eat and how to use our money. We also make major decisions in life like where we will live or we choose to marry. One decisions I made that affected my life in a major way was where I wanted to go to college. Like most people I was unsure whether I was going to college or even getting into the schools I wanted to. I applied to many schools and got into some of them. During senior year, me and my friends talked about going to college and being away from home but I hadn't made a decision yet on where I was going and whether I wanted to be away from home or living at home to help my mom and stay close to family. My important decision was to choose between schools and take in consideration many aspects of moving away from home or staying at home. I was 18 years old while I had to make this decision so I knew the responsibilities that would come with it. I believe I applied many characteristics of a good critical thinker while…show more content…
It helped me in a positive way because it made me realize I wanted to stay at home and help my mom with rent and bills. Also me being the oldest sibling, I sensed that I had responsibilities for my little brothers and help them graduate and get into good colleges. Emotion also affected me in a negative way because I only considered how my family would be affected by decision, not how I would be affected. I didn't realize that it would be good to be away from family and go on new adventures and live life a little. I forgot to factor in the fact that I would want to live away from home and go to a college I would enjoy. However, staying in Sacramento has made me realize how I should be using my money and how important it is to help your family because in the end they are your ride or

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