Why I Want To Be A Supervisor Essay

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When being a supervisor, you have a lot of responsibilities that you need to take on every day with the people who work for you. It is important that the supervisor always oversees the jobs/activities that are being performed and making decisions on what to do. When it comes to everything with being a supervisor, there are ten reasons the supervisor hat fits me just fine. The first one is having good behavior, which means that you need to be approachable in every situation. You want to be positive and make sure that people in your team feel that they can come to you. The second is you want to have good communication skills. With this you want to make sure everyone is prepared to speak and talk in meetings and interact with one another. The third one is having knowledge on what you are doing.…show more content…
The fourth thing is to have good leadership skills. You want to support everyone in your team and make sure that everyone is making good decisions to better the company. The fifth is to have unbiased opinions, which is important that everyone be treated equally. You do not want people to feel that some people have the upper hand. The sixth is having a target oriented, which means to make sure that you are targeting certain sales and services. You need to know what you are doing fully in these situations. The seventh is to be spontaneous, which means to constantly being motivating everyone and building them up. The eigth is to have a good attitude about the company and to never be negative. If you lead people you have to be good with everyone never get nasty with them. The ninth is to have emotional intelligence, which means to make sure you are able to feel for others in situations. You don’t want to let people emotions get too worked up into the workforce. The tenth is to be innovative, which means to expand your knowledge as much as you

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