Importance Of Hydration

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YES! Staying hydrated throughout the day is vital for you to stay healthy. Why Hydration is so important? Water is extremely important for our bodies and it is in fact, the MOST important nutrient. The water in our bodies takes up 50-60% of our overall body mass. Out lean body tissue are around 72-75% water by mass. Fat tissue is around 5% by mass. We must all be consuming water throughout the day. While doing physical activity, it is even more crucial to be consuming water before, during and after your activity as you will lose a lot of fluids as you sweat. Here are a few more reasons why hydration is so imporatnt: When Water is in your blood, it helps transport glucose, oxygen and fats to working muscles. Water helps eliminate waste products from your body. It…show more content…
We must definitely be drinking enough fluids, but it is not necessary to be drinking ridiculous amounts. A lot of people will learn that drinking water is healthy and it can help you lose weight and this and that, so they decide to drink so much water that they actually start to feel sick. This is very unhealthy and can be lethal. Basically, when you consume too much water, water in your system get diluted which causes sodium levels to fall to a dangerously low level. To prevent this from happening, you should monitor the volume of your urine. H20 Alternatives Water is the number 1 fluid for the body. Having said there, there are many other ways of of consuming "water". It doesn 't have to be just plain old H20. Any non-alcoholic food or beverage will go towards your daily fluid consumption. Watermelon and strawberries have around 92% water per volume. There are many other fruits and vegetables out there with high water content. Consuming liquid can taste good too! Recommendations Have a water bottle with you during your training sessions. Try to consume at least 16oz per
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