Important Events In Human Life

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Human life is the collection of some important events. Of these events, some are important some are forgotten but some events are so important and heart touching that they remain in our heart and mind forever. They not only change our lives but leave such impact which can easily be reflected through our personality. One of these important events is the day I spent with poor people. I was a student then. University has assigned each group some social tasks. As usual I made group with my best friends. We were three in number. When we were informed about that task, we didn’t take it that seriously. For us it was like to spend a whole summer day under the sun. The thought of doing task only made us frustrated. We just wanted to get rid of it in anyway. We planned to take help from some seniors who already had done this sort of work but we failed. We didn’t find any readymade work. Then somehow we gather courage and decided to go in the field by ourselves. We begin with the research on the topic in cooled AC room. We find many ideas, but the one which attract all of us was going to meet poor people and find out where they live and moreover distribute some food to them. Therefore we decided to work on this. We first found some NGOs and people which do such work related to our assignment then we contacted them and discussed our assignment on phone. Many of them agreed to provide us some food. We then also contact some restaurants and convinced them to provide us with their leftover

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