Important Events In Human Life

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Human life is the collection of some important events. Of these events, some are important some are forgotten but some events are so important and heart touching that they remain in our heart and mind forever. They not only change our lives but leave such impact which can easily be reflected through our personality. One of these important events is the day I spent with poor people. I was a student then. University has assigned each group some social tasks. As usual I made group with my best friends. We were three in number. When we were informed about that task, we didn’t take it that seriously. For us it was like to spend a whole summer day under the sun. The thought of doing task only made us frustrated. We just wanted to get rid of it in…show more content…
We worked all night in preparing food and other stuff. The day was important for all of us. We were not only nervous but was feeling quite hesitated to go to slums and meet them. We three gather at same point and then we go to restaurants and NGOs where we have to pick the food. Then we finally moved towards that area where we never thought of going. It was like we were doing some really daring thing. We were afraid of how they will treat us, how we will spend the entire day among them and how we will manage to come back safely. This thought was result of all stories we had heard about them in our life. It took about two hours of drive to reach there. As we were near their place we put on really protective stuffs like hat, goggles, hand covers and mouth cover. It was like we were going into some mission or in really bad world. As we reached there we were stunned and mouth opened to see the panorama of entire place. Beginning from roads, to their huts everything was not only dirty but was quite hurting. We parked our car at a distance as roads were not that wide to take the car. We then took our stuff and food and then moved towards them. It was quite hot day and to spend all day there seems difficult to us but we decided to continue and we moved
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