Important Factors Of Attachment And Attachment

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Man is a social animal. For his survival in the society there are certain trends that are followed. In order to have a better survival in the society human beings develop certain attachments with one another. By getting attached to one another they feel to have a bond with one another which makes their life purposeful. Just like a child is attached to his mother and is dependent on her for every need in the same way people are dependent on one another for different needs. A spousal relationship is one such example where both partners are dependent on one another for the fulfillment of their needs which helps them to spend life in an efficient way. In addition to attachment, another important factor that is vital to intimate relationship is communication. In a relationship where there is a strong and effective communication, there is more cohesion in it which ultimately enhances the strength of the relationship. Less frequent communication may cause misunderstandings which may ultimately take away the peace of relationships. People nowadays have to make efforts to meet the challenges of this world. Adjustment plays a significant role in one’s survival at every stage of life. In Pakistan where marriage is a common practice, marital adjustment is a significant factor for a successful life of husband and wife. If they are adjusted well, with better communication and attachment, there are obvious chances of betterment in their lives. Attachment is a deep and enduring
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