Important Factors Of Socialization In The Development Of Personality

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Personality is an individual’s unique pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving. Personality is influenced by two important factors. One is the biological heredity, that is genetically transmitted characteristics and the other is the environment. The environment constitutes of geographic, cultural and social environment of an individual. Socialization is an important aspect in the development of personality. Socialization is the process of moulding and shaping an individual’s personality. It helps the individual to conform to the norms and values of the society. It also helps them to develop their personality. There are factors which help in the process of socialization. They are: Imitation, Suggestion, Identification and Language. The heredity, environment and culture of an individual are important elements in socialization. There are many agents of socialization who helps the child formally or informally in developing their personality. They are: family, school, peers, state, religious institutes and media. These agents play an important role in the child’s life by assisting the child to develop his or her personality.

An individual 's personality is the complex of mental characteristics that makes them unique from other human beings. It contains emotions and patterns of thoughts that cause us to say or do things in a specific way. Personality is expressed through our nature or emotional tone, it also adds colour to our values, beliefs, and

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