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Earwax - yes, ear wax is a sign of healthy ears What is earwax and why is it so important? Have you ever wondered why the formation of earwax in the ear, ear wax and what actually is? We have collected some of the facts that will teach you more about earwax. Ear wax is a mixture of liquids formed by glands on the outside of the ear canal. These liquids mixed with dust and dead skin cells to form it as you get up when you clean your ears. Earwax has three important functions for your ears: -Earwax protects the ear canal against fungi and bacteria, which can damage the ears and give infections. Earwax moisturizes the ear canal and prevents skin from drying out, so you do not get ears that itch. -Earwax captures dust and dirt and protects…show more content…
There are means to get the recipe, but they provide much more likely to lead to ear infections and their high strength may not be necessary to use to remove earwax . Why is olive oil good for my ears? The skin in your ear is much more sensitive than the rest of the skin on your body. If your ears itch can be caused by damage to the sensitive skin. It 's a really good idea to be sure that everything you put in your ears will not hurt your skin. Many vegetable oils and extracts are naturally compatible and beneficial for your skin. These oils are a great means to soften the earwax and using drugs to the ear canal. Olive oil is one of the most effective oils to soften earwax with without irritating the skin in the ear canal. How can Vaxol help my ears? Vaxol consists of olive oil produced as drugs, and contains at least 30 pieces of polyphenols, which have an antibacterial effect. At the same time prevents the oil evaporation and thus retains the natural moisture of the skin in the ear canal. If ear wax is dry and stuck in the ear canal will Vaxol to help dislodge it, so ear wax does not hurt the ear canal when it cleared

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