Personal Narrative: My Journey To Lyndon State University

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A lot of people had influences in the choice I made when I came to Lyndon State college. They are two people who had the most influences. The first person is my mother, she was everything I had while growing up. The second person is my truter and translate. I didn’t speak English and I was introduced to Mohamed Ahmed when I started middle school. After the first two years he started to become a good friend of mine. He helped me with everything that was related to school.
While growing up my had to do most things for my siblings and I. When we were in Somalia both of our parents were part of our lives but things changed when we came to the United State in February 2009. I came to this country with my mother and five siblings. I’m the oldest of six children and when we came here I was eleven years and the youngest one was three years old. None of us spoke english and the first year was the hardest year that we ever been through. I think the person that went through the most was my mother. She had to learn to handle everything the family need it. My father didn’t want to come this country because he was happy being in Somalia. He also has more
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The number one reason I want to work with adolescent is because I want to give back to my community. They are a lot of young people out there who do have a person to look up to or a person who is willing to help them find the right path. A lot of young people want to do good things and want to go to college and life a better life but they do not know who to do it. Most high school around where I grow up are not helping their students plan for college, and for students whose parents do not value education they will most likely not go further than high school. I want to be the person who shows these young children that I’m here to help them. I want to do what Mohamed did for me when I was in high school. He didn’t have to do that and look where I’m
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