Important Moments In Our Town

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5. There is a main theme of the temporariness of moments in life that develops throughout the novel Our Town by Thornton Wilder. For example, during the conversation between Emily and George in Act Two Emily reveals to George that she has always been hesitant to love him and explains that he was always too occupied with things he thought were more important. She says, "Well up to a year ago I liked you a lot. And I used to watch you as you did everything... because we've been friends so long... and then you began spending all your time at baseball... and you never stopped to speak to anybody any more. Not even your own family you didn't... and, George, it's a fact, you've got awful conceited and stuck-up, and all the girls say so. They may not say so to your face, but that's what they say about you…show more content…
Emily says, "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it?--every, every minute? ... That's all human beings are! Just blind people." After she has seen that even she has taken those times for granted, she can't bear to think that everyone else will do the same. She cannot continue to relive her childhood memories, and decides to remain in her seat among the dead. Even the Stage Manager himself points out that they do not have much time to waste. While speaking to Professor Willard he states, “May I introduce Professor Willard of our State University. A few brief notes, thank you, Professor,−unfortunately our time is limited.” Because the Stage Manager acts as the link between the fictional world of the play and the real world from the audience’s perspective, he makes it a point that they don’t have time to waste not just to the characters, but to also to the viewers. This subtly hints toward the theme of the shortness of time. Emily, along with the dead, wishes that the living would realize how precious this time and life is. As shown, this constant theme of the temporariness of life's moments develops greatly throughout the
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