Important Quotes In The Odyssey

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2. Odysseus is crying because he is missing his country, his house and his wife. "His eyes were perpetually wet with tears now, His life draining away in homesickness" (Homer 232). From the first view of Odysseus, it shows that he is a very wise person, and knows the consequences of the Gods wrath. He knows that if he leaves Calypso's island, there would be more to it, that is why he asks her oath, for her not to harm him. 3. Odysseus refuses help from Goddess Ino because he thought this was another trick from the Gods to bring him chaos and more trouble. "Not another treacherous god Scheming against me..." (Homer 238). Since he already has spent seven years in Calypso's island, …show more content…

This incident tells us that Odysseus does not trust everyone easily. He has a fear of getting stranded in their fury again. 4. Odysseus has a pride in him. It is a human nature for people to let others know of their name when they succeed or win something. So, while leaving the cave, Odysseus wanted Polyphemus to know who he really was. Polyphemus turns to his father. Poseidon, the suffering of Odysseus is because of this situation. 5. I'd rather be a hired hand back up on the earth, Slaving away for some poor dirt farmer, Than lord it over all these withered dead. This famous statement is telling us that there is no hope or joy after death. "Than lord it over all these withered dead" (Homer 308). What Achilles is trying to say is that he will give up every pleasure of earth that could possibly be, just to be alive. He is willing to be a slave for a poor farmer, then being dead and stuck in the …show more content…

8. The narrative function of the dog Argus shows how important Odysseus is in this story, a king, master and a loving person. The dog never loses its faith and kept holding onto life for Odysseus. He shows a faithful and loyal sides of animals towards their masters. "He wagged his tail and dropped both ears" (Homer 378). 10. Hospitality is shown throughout The Odyssey, as a form of noble gesture. This is very important in Greek culture and this is the idea Homer is trying to show to his readers. In those days when people traveled, taking shelter at stranger's houses was the only way to revive and move forward. People were greeted with great respect, taken care of, fed will and given gifts. Odysseus has the same hospitality from the Phaeacians and others. On the other hand, Penelope also accommodates suitors at her palace, where they ate, drank and stayed. 12. The contrast of different characters of women use in The Odyssey, shows the difference kinds of individuals that a person must meet and conquer in life. Homer uses women

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