Responsibilities Of Project Manager Essay

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Project managers are responsible for specific project or projects within in a company and are responsible toward people to lead the project toward execution. Thus project manager will form a project team to assign the task, responsibility and authority for completion of the task. However project manager has to perform and submit the project in specific times, by creating clear objectives and maintain discipline in order to attain successful result and including other department support. At this position, the manager will able to analyse any associate goods and service, using project tools and technique to ensure good practices. To carry forward the project, managers are responsible to recruit and build the project team and identify project’s risk and uncertainties. A Project team is one of the key toward project success; they will work on one or more phrase of the project. If project team do not show their ability, thus from the beginning the project will lead to failure. Moreover the project team has some specific role to perform and varieties of tasks to carry out; contribute toward overall project objectives, bring expertise, documentation process, work in group, communicate status of the task and so on. A project manager is the person responsible in attaining the project objective. To bring the organisation to success, a project manager can act as a customer representative in determine customer…show more content…
He is solely responsible for the success or failure of the project. The project manager will use the triple constraints concept to control and monitor the project scope, time and cost, as per requirement of the project cost. The manager has to manage the wide range of group by maintaining cooperation for a successful team work and efficient usage of
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