Imported Apparel Case Study

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For this chapter, the researcher will research or discuss about the factor that influence the Universiti Malaysia Perlis student in Perlis to buy import apparel. After that, it will follow by the background of study, research objectives, research questions and research framework will be presented. Lastly, significance of study and organization the project paper will be submitted.
In this modern world nowadays some students more prefer to buy imported apparel more than to buy local apparel. We can see imported apparel brand in Malaysia that are really famous among students are converse, Levi’s, Nike, and others brand imported.
Lifestyle of university
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In addition, students from perception of imported apparel, which often differ from students to other students. The main reason why this particular topic was chosen is due to know the why students buy imported apparel.
Fashion trends and culture among students are affected by imported apparel market. Because of that, students nowadays up to date are increasingly observed among the young but stylish trends of imported apparel are increasingly hard to follow. Indeed, stylish trend always change really fast time to time. Adopting fashion trend to some extent is necessary. However, blindly following the latest fashion may lead to a waste of money, time and effort.
Recently, there are various choices of imported apparel selection in Malaysia market according to their brands such as Levi, Giordano, Nike, Converse, Adidas, Mango and others famous brands. The plenty number of apparel brands make customers hardly decide whether which brand and design of the fashion are suitable to them. Hence, a question arise why different people choose different brands and what are the features they look for while making purchasing decision on an imported apparel
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Basically, there are has some elements of marketing strategy theory which can influence customer purchasing decision on imported apparel such as segments, brands, competition, product, price, promotion, communication and outsourcing. The marketer should carefully analyze the customer behavior on buying a imported apparel and find and implement the suitable marketing strategies into their product marketing. Furthermore, marketer should know how exactly the implementation of their marketing strategies can influence their customer purchasing decision.
Apparel also known as a cloth. Clothing is defined as a cover for the body as well as hand. Imported apparel means the apparel brought into a legal especially across to others countries. Imported apparels consists of transaction and service to others countries and occurs when there changes the ownership from a non-residents to a residents.


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