Imported Wine Market Case Study

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Development of imported wine market in China

1.Primary stage of imported wine market
Before the 80s, Chinese wine market was very small and weak, it was quite impossible to find any imported wine in China. In 1981, Tianjin Dynasty and Remy Martin started the joint venture and produced the first non-Chinese wine – Dynasty Dry White. As a foreign good, dry red wine and dry white wine had been a hot topic around the relatively developed areas in China.
2. Being accepted
From 1996 to 1998, there was a trend that the imported wines were being quite popular in the major cities of China. However, with the burst of Southeast Asia’s financial crisis, Chinese economy was experiencing a contraction at the same time. After the Mad Cow Disease in Europe, there was a rumor that wine was made out of the blood of mad cow. The imported wine demand in China was immediately cracked down due to the insecurity of Chinese consumers.
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Furthermore, China was quite active in international business which was a good opportunity for the imported wine market in China. During that period, a lot of wine producers from Europe had been using different kinds of method to enter Chinese market, for instance, through the wine specialized store, group purchase, experience marketing, etc. The demand for imported wine was growing quite fast from then.
4. Being affected by anti-corruption campaign
As we discussed before in our paper, one of the main Chinese wine drinkers is government officials. After the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Anti-Corruption Campaign cracked down those government officials who were also the main consumers of high-end imported wine. It was a big hit for the imported wine market in China, demand of imported wine declined dramatically and the price of those high-end imported wine also went

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