Don Quixote Analysis

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Dagmawit Alemu PD 6 Mr Virden Impotant Themes in the book “Don Quixote” In the book “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes there are many important motifs which leads us to understanding the main idea of the story. The two of the most important motifs are loyalty, which shows how almost everything is relative and that things can change depending on a given situation; And violence helps us understand the seriousness of the book. Par. 1 LOYALTY Cervante depicted loyalty in different characters in his book Don Quixote. Sancho Panza, is a simple farmer who follows Don Quixote and was indeed Don Quixote’s servant. Sancho's job is to do whatever Don Quixote tells him this sometimes leads Sancho into trouble from time to time. Even Though Sancho doesn't like getting into trouble, and can see the faults in his master, he knows that the Don Quixote is eccentric. But for all that, he feels a loyalty toward him. But Sanchos loyalty is to pursuit happiness,…show more content…
But at last his virtue overcame the powerful temptation.” Part 1, Book 3, Chapter 1 .This quote from the book Don Quixote shows loyalty of Don Quixote to his imaginary lady Dulcinea. Dulcinea( real name Aldonza Lorenzo) is a peasant in his hometown he falls in love with even though he has seen her only fleetingly and has never spoken to her.This quote reflects the scene where Sancho Panza and Don Quixote stay at an inn.Don Quixote thought the girl sneaking to his bed to tempt him for sex or seduce him but he resisted because he was being loyal to Dulcinea, even though the girl was sneaking to his bed to spend the night with the man that she promised to spend the night with (Sancho Panza) not Don Quixote. Cervante shows us that loyalty is not only to another person but also to an idea Like Don Quixote's loyalty to
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