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1) What do I think of when I hear the term globalization? My impression of “globalization” lends to the cross-pollination of cultures and their associated technologies, politics, tourism, environmental, social, economic, trades and commodities that impose and influence world growth and development. 2) a) Which major trends, developments, and phenomena are caused or influenced by globalization? Associated trends and developments of globalization having a profound effect on a multitude of areas globally that appear to be at the top of the list are; i) The tourism industry – With the globalization of the tourism industry, advancements in modern technologies and engineering have enabled global transportation more efficient and less costly to…show more content…
Almost as fast as cultures intertwine and meld together, they meet with friction and resistance. Various cultures, religious groups, and racial groups do not always yield to current world views of change (Norberg-Hodge, 2015, p. 2). The larger world economic nations dominate growth and expansion to parts of the world not always welcomed. In return, resistance in the form of terrorism has escalated since the attacks on 9/11 to all-time highs on many fronts like political, racial and most of all religious perceptions and…show more content…
The growth and prosperity gained from globalization yields many positive attributes. Tourism, industry, and mining are positive points when it comes to boosting both local and foreign economies. However, different perspectives will yield different outcomes. For example, tourism to a third world country such as South Africa can be equally adverse to the local tribes and their customs. I witnessed such an occurrence first hand on a recent trip when my group visited on particular village along the Kasane River. Although living in poverty-stricken conditions, the tribe's people no longer donned cultural attire but wore apparel from Western Civilization and relied on tourism income from the dime store quality nick-nacks they sold to make a few dollars. Industry moved to third world countries has a negative effect two-fold. Often it employs cheap and often exploited labor and takes jobs out of countries contributing to its unemployment rates. And mining, a necessary evil, on the one hand, provides valuable metals and minerals crucial to technological advancements, employment and contributes to the global economy. The mining industry, however, not only strips the ground of its natural resources but additionally destroy’s the earth’s natural ecosystem of our planet's environment and ozone layer required for our survivability ("Globalization and the Environment," n.d., p. 1). 3) Select your favorite Metaphor of Globalization and explain

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