Impressions And Characters In The Movie 'Get Out'

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The movie “Get Out,” focuses on the budding, yet cynical relationship, between Rose Armitage, her family, and her boyfriend, Chris Washington. The Armitage’s are an upper class, white, educated family, that come from a different class system than Chris. Chris’s mother passed away as a child, and he is a black photographer living in urban Chicago. It’s clearly apparent throughout the movie that Chris grew up differently than the cookie cutter, white, Armitage’s. As the movie begins, Rose is prepping Chris about her family as he is packing for their journey to her house. They begin to discuss her family because Chris wants to make sure that Rose has told her family that Chris is black, so they’re not shocked when they first see him. Rose reassures Chris that her father “would have voted for Obama for a third time,” as a way to try to show Chris that they are fine with black people. This micro-aggression is also used again when Chris finally arrives to Rose’s home by her father. Throughout the course of the movie, there are many subtle hints that Chris begins to notice certain interactions and characteristics that reaffirms that the Armitage’s are not a normal white family, or normal in general. One large example are the help that the Armtiage’s employee, a house keeper named Georgina and a gardener named Walter, both who are black. Chris had an implicit bias that since they were the only three black people among this family, that they would have some type of connection. He

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