Improve American Democracy Essay

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American democracy is, understandably, the most idealized form of government within our country, and for good reason. There are components of democracy that are necessary to a healthily functioning nation, but these are far more widely discussed than the problems with American democracy, which need to be acknowledged so that they might be improved upon. Rather than trying to hide the metaphorical chinks in democracy's armor, we should be striving to fix them. One of the largest problems with democracy in the United States is its current system of healthcare, which not only fails to provide insurance coverage to all Americans, but also provides more privilege to the wealthy, who have access to higher quality healthcare. Implementing universal healthcare would greatly improve American…show more content…
The association between wealth and health is highest in the U.S. (R = 0.279)." (Maskileyson 22). The idea that those with more money deserve access to a higher standard of healthcare violates the very basic principles of democracy on which the United States was founded. Equal opportunities are guaranteed by the Constitution, and there is no reason healthcare should be excluded from this rule. The easiest answer, though perhaps not the simplest to implement, would be to shift away from our current system of healthcare. The U.S. could follow models of universal healthcare that have been proven to work in other countries, like Canada and Sweden, in which to lay the framework of a new system of universal healthcare. It would provide coverage for citizens of every economic class via whichever avenue of funding proves to be most efficient. The success of universal healthcare in other nations proves that this is an achievable goal, well within the realm of
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