Improve Emergency Response Times Essay

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Improve Emergency Response Times with Live Tracking
Time is often the most critical factor involved during an emergency. In situations involving life or death, every second counts. It’s not surprising that numerous countries around the world are taking advantage of GPS technology to improve emergency response times. There are two major components that can significantly delay emergency response times, including miscommunications, and uncertain traffic and road conditions. GPS live tracking is helping to improve emergency response times with live tracking.
Miscommunications and Mistakes
Emergency service medical (EMS) providers are usually familiar with the term “golden hour” which is defined as that hour, after an injury, where definitive care can either significantly increase mortality, or morbidity. Not all trauma victims have an hour, however, some have a golden five minutes, or just one golden minute. Any delay drastically reduces their ability to survive. Too often, human error has been cited for 911 dispatch mistakes. Slip-ups are sometimes caused by failure of a dispatcher to promptly respond to emergency situations. Callers may not have accurate geographical knowledge of their location. Dispatchers may not have followed the
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Traffic updates not only detail the fastest routes available, they indicate, for example, where accidents have occurred, and where slowdowns are happening. Routes will be determined that help drivers avoid congestion, detours, or construction areas that will delay their arrival at an emergency scene. The information for GPS navigator is provided from a variety of sources, that give a real-time simulation of the current traffic flow. Rerouting possibilities are continuously available as the GPS tracking system continues to receive and analyze traffic updates providing optimal routes to the destination
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