Improve Intercultural Communication

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Ways to Improve your Intercultural Communication
Inter-cultural communication involves a long process of understanding how the other parties communicate and use language.
Intercultural communication skills are important in today 's workplace environment. These skills can help you avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and misinterpretations due to ineffective communication. You can forestall frustration, tension and decreased productivity. Improve intercultural communication skills by learning about other peoples ' cultures, behaviors and communication styles; unlock the potential for a creative and dynamic cross-cultural environment.
Be aware of your own culture: After my experiences living and working in Asia,
Europe and Latin America, I have realized that self awareness is the first step to effective intercultural communication. Step back and think about the way that you communicate. Are you direct or indirect? Do you use nonverbal gestures frequently or rarely and in what contexts? Do you seek agreement from the people who are listening to you when you make a statement? Now think about how you developed your communication style. What aspects of your culture shaped the way you interact with others?
Be a learner: When you are trying to solve a problem with people from all different parts of the world, you know that you have a rich opportunity for learning. Try to focus less on asserting your own opinion or ideas and instead, try to find out what other people 's ideas
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