Improve My Writing Skills Essay

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I have always struggle with my writing assignments. Sometimes I have a tendency to wait until the last minute to begin my writing; therefore, I do not have an adequate time to articulate my ideas in a consistent manner. I would like to be a better writer and below are my goals to improve my writing skills in your class this semester: -- Stop being a procrastinator and start my assignments early. -- Read and clearly understand my writing assignments. - -Prepare an outline and organize my thoughts for each paragraphs. -- Work on grammar by studying the WWWS provided in class at least once or twice a week (specifically comma splices and punctuations), and taking practice quizzes on websites such as and -- Build my vocabulary lists and choose my words carefully in order to grasp reader’s attention.…show more content…
-- Seek help at the Writing Center and/or feedbacks from students/professors/advisers. -- Read over other classmate’s papers and observe their writing styles. In order to measure my progress, I will keep a folder specifically for my Communications Skills course. For each writing assignment, I will keep a journal to remind myself of the goals that I have outlined above and mentally check them off before I submit my writing assignment. My second improvement would be the ability to speak in front of the large group of people, as stated in my Intro Letter, Although, I have overcome this problem over the years; I still feel some anxiety once giving a speech to my fellow classmates in the new college environment. Below are my steps to achieve my goals: -- Prepare an outline and speak clearly and slowly Practice the speech/presentation with a small group of people. -- Add more people as time goes by and become more accustomed to presenting to a larger audience. -- Watch daily Ted Talks and observe how the speakers connect with their
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