Improve Parental Involvement

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Teachers Help To Improve Parental Involvement

Coleman and McNeese stated, “A strong, positive relationship between school and home can be a great motivating factor for students…a school-home partnership should address the particular needs of a community and provides the appropriate support that students need to succeed” (Coleman & McNeese, 2009). Motivation is what every child needs from both parents and teachers in order for them to them become achievers. Parental involvement helps with the motivation of every child because they don’t feel less of themselves they feel more empowered to achieve and this may include parent and child having a discussions about what activities they like and their interests. Educators have a duty to
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In addition the article, “We are the Professionals: A Study of Teachers’ Views on Parental Involvement in School” (Baeck, 2010) delivers a teacher’s perspective on parental involvement. Baeck (2010) examines teachers’ attitudes and experiences towards parental cooperation. This article gives an interesting standpoint to parental involvement and how it may affect the students’ academic achievement. If and when there is a negative thought of parental involvement the students may be the ones that will affected because the teacher will try to close the communications with the parents due to the lack of presence and neglects as it relates to the…show more content…
In addition also Welsch & Zimmer [2008] and Guryan et al. [2008], among others, document that parents with higher education and higher wage allocate more time to direct child care despite their opportunity cost being larger. However, Lareau [1987] resumes the three theories in sociology that explain varying levels of school involvement by socio-economic status. Lareau [1987] states that the “culture of poverty” theory suggests that working-class families do not value education as highly as middle and upper-class
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