Improving Human Life In The 1930s: The Dust Bowl

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In an effort to improve human life it had actually lead to harming human life in one of the biggest problems in the 1930s called the Dust Bowl. In The 1800s the Southern Plains had been transformed by the U.S government. The government wanted to make the great open wilderness into something better for human life, instead of having the wilderness they decided to rip all of it up. Acres of land was torn up to make room for towns, cities and farms. In 1932 dangerous dust storms arose through the towns. “ During this period, many people lost everything”(Pg 8). By 1935 thousands lost their farms to due to dust and had to move away. Luckily they were able to come back from there problem with the dust. By replanting millions of trees and learning how to farm in a proper way many people were able to strive in their towns there and not have any problems with dust since. In another effort to improve human life New Delhi, India suffers from a similar problem in present day called smog. Cars,power plants and everyday life has put them into a situation where they are forced to wear masks and put air purifiers Into their own homes. The level of air pollution is pm 2.5 in which…show more content…
In other ways in trying to solve this problem they have many options, one being that is the most obvious one which is not using transportation unless you have to definitely have to. Another way they could fix their air pollution problem is not having the poor being on the streets and burning trash which is affecting the environment at a great amount to. Instead of their country having the poor on the streets ruining the air they could provide homeless shelters for them keeping them from polluting the air and other reckless things they may have been doing to the
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