Improving Listening Skills In English

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Uzbekistan State University of World Languages
The 2nd year student Ibragimova Surayyo
Supervisor: Mamatqulova Nilufar

To Identify the Wrong and Effective Ways of Improving Listening Skills in English The best way to understand people is to listen to them. Ralph G. Nichols
“Listening is a skill, not a gift”, said a number of books’ author Simone Braverman. For recent years, as this statement is truly proven, foreign language learners try to develop their listening skills by practicing in consequence of its cruciality
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Of course, we cannot tell that this method is completely incorrect and futile. On the contrary, it is very useful, but only for beginner or elementary level students. However, if you are more than elementary level in listening and if you want to progress this skill better, you should avoid to watch movies with subtitles. Because, when you practice listening, you should make sure that you are listening, not just hearing. It means there is a difference between listening and hearing. The difference is attention and understanding. While watching the film, if you are paying attention and you understand what is going on, so you are listening. In contrast, if you are not paying attention, then you are just hearing. As an example, you turn on the radio and pay attention to the sound from the radio, you are listening. Alternatively, if you turn on the radio and at the same time you are reading a magazine, then it is not listening, it is just hearing. Because, you can hear the radio, but you are not paying attention and you are not listening, hence, you do not understand what is being said. Thus, if we speak about watching movies with subtitles, it also will be just hearing. Because, human brain cannot focus two options at the same time. While watching film with subtitles, you have two ways. First one is to focus on reading the subtitles. The latter is…show more content…
Sometimes pair work or group work activities are also considered one of the best way of improving. For example, if you are 15 or 20 students in a group with your teacher, it means you have a chance to listen to 20 sounds and ideas per day. More you listen to them others, more you learn to understand English fully and clearly. Additionally, there are various types of listening activities which are given by your instructor. For instance, listening-reading transfer lesson. In a transfer lesson, the teacher presents a two-part lesson that shows students how to listen to read for a particular comprehension purpose. In the first part, the students listen and respond to the purpose set by the teacher. In the second part, the students read a new selection with the same comprehension purpose. The importance of this activities that most students have already formed certain attitudes toward listening as a result of experiences in classroom(Taylor,1977)

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