Improving My Reading Goal

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My reading goal from December was not a very difficult, the goals were plain and simple, I wanted to read more frequently, increase my vocabulary, and also increase my understanding in reading. My goal was to read four days a week for thirty minutes, I wanted to increase my use and understanding of more words, and to increase my understanding to do better on reading comprehension tests.

Unlike last month 's reading goal this month had a much greater improvement, my goal to read more frequently was kept. Compared to last month 's goal I read much more often and kept at it. Also my understanding on more difficult vocabulary words increased, I feel that I understand more words and had to stop less. Lastly, my understanding on reading increased because I started to concentrate more on what I’m reading then getting sidetracked by my surroundings or randoms thoughts in my head. I used to have a habit in which my eyes would read the text but not compute in my mind, this has diminished and is not a problem
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My goal wasn’t a complete success like I wished, I had a few minor problems. I still lack the motivation to read for my benefit which would cause a problem for me wanting to read more often. I would try to find something better to do then try to complete my reading goal which affected my first reading goal. This was my major problem during my reading goal, but still
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