Impulse Buying Behavior Case Study

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3.5.12 . The Model Of Retail Consumer Buying Behavior . Dr.M.Kishore babu,k.balaji(2015)[67]designed and put forwarded the a new well developed model to the area or concept of impulse buying behavior . They introduced this model by conducting content analysis of various previous researches by various researchers and academicians .They suggested that the various cues like special price offered for the product, promotion strategies offered by retailers to attract customers , visual merchandise offered at stores , special occasional offers , customs and traditions among customers, emotions and sentiments among customers , brand popularity , sales force conduct , and packaging styles and designs of products will stimulate impulse purchase patterns among customers while shopping across retail…show more content…
They predicted that the factors like Gender, Income ,promotional approaches used by particular retailer as well as internal store environmental factors will play an significant role in stimulating impulse purchases of products by customers [33] . Jithin raj R , Elizabeth jacob(2015)done research investigation in the area of impulse purchase behavior with a topic on" financial capacity of customers and its effect on impulse buying behavior: an on-field study at lulu international shopping mall, cochin ". Their results declares that income levels among customers as well as sex discrimination plays a key and vital role in purchasing the products by customers across the Lu Lu International Shopping Mall, cochin [60]. The above studies on impulse buying behavior proved that impulse purchases among the customers are affected by gender among the customers .Hence they set a way for further studies .Thus the hypothesis is framed
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