Impulse Buying Literature Review

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RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SALES PROMOTION AND IMPULSE BUYING ON CONSUMER PRODUCT IN BALOCHISTAN Literature Review Impulse Purchases Early studies have clearly explained the concept of impulse or unplanned purchases and it is described as fascinating, multi-dimensional and complex Phenomenon (Coly, 2002). However most of studies are based on markets, on-store retailers or online shopping but it occurs through both, stores and manufacturer (Broden & Soderberg, 2011). It’s found that frequency of impulse purchases differ product to product. Product will be more impulsive if it is placed in easily visible area. Putting magazines at checkout-stands for customers waiting in line increases awareness and entertainment element to shopping which enhance the chance of purchasing (Coley, 1999).Moreover researchers explain clothing and music as high impulsive products while utilitarian products remained unrealized that which factors influenced impulse buying in them the most .Chen (2008) declared clothing and music as highly impulsive products but computer peripherals. Similar studies are found in survey with 400 subjects where clothing became the main impulse buying category and proved clothing highly impulsive (Arocas, 2008). Sales Promotions with respect to Impulse buying Researchers describe sale promotions as the key elements in marketing mix to push up consumer purchases. Repaid growing marketers and cost of media, have shifted promotion budget and attention towards the sales
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