Impulsive Buying Case Study

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where it witnessed the growth in sales, especially in the retail and department stores in airports stores, and sales numbers exceeded on the other categories of products, it are bought without planning or effort they are more groups that buy impulsively ( Grawford and Melewer, 2003). the concept of impulsive buying also applies to durable goods, especially if they are new, but the knowledge and information about the new product may be the driving force for the intentions of impulsive buying, word-of-mouth among customers may contribute also compliance social norms and rules of which influencing in pushing the shopper to impulsive buying (Harmancioghu, et al., 2009). (Park et al., 2006) found that enjoying with shopping position is affected…show more content…
The study (Verplanken & Sato, 2011) found that impulsive purchase often both associated with joy, happiness, also with the negative emotions. Impulsive buying may be studied as a tool to measure the psychological aspects which is a form of self-regulation, so the retailers aims to promote self-regulation capabilities consumers where may alleviate the negative effects of impulsive buying. Impulsive buying is a global phenomenon, even though it may be a phenomenon in different ways as there are differences based on gender also cultural differences, impulsive buying : It is an interesting phenomenon considering the psychological factors, so many researches study many drivers to support impulse buying , such as: personality, emotions, self-aspects, cognitive processes, self-control, or psychological…show more content…
When consumers are exposed to stimuli like promotional incentives, they can have high motivations for impulse buying. External marketing stimuli do not only understand new customers but increase the purchase volume of current customers by encouraging the impulse buying of ordinary products or better products. Among the most important External factors contain features like the light, decoration of the store, and commercial brands, integrated sale techniques, and promotions

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