Impulsive Love Between Romeo And Juliet

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In every story, book, and play, there is a theme. The famous play of Romeo and Juliet, that’s written by an English playwright named William Shakespeare, suggests that the theme is that acting rashly can advance towards dreadful outcomes. Shakespeare develops this theme by using the impulsive love between Romeo and Juliet and by communicating directly with his audience.

One way Shakespeare promotes theme is by reiterating the idea that Romeo and Juliet are rushing their love and marriage. Friar Lawrence feels that they should take it slow also. He even cautions Romeo by stating “Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast.” (2.3.101) Romeo does not listen to this warning, and he rushes anyway, leading to Juliet’s death and
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Shakespeare uses dramatic irony to express these dangers. For instance, after Juliet faked her death in order to get in the Capulet tomb, she actually ended up dying in the tomb, do to her rash love with Romeo. As Juliet woke from her dormancy, some of the first words out of her mouth include, “O, happy dagger!/ This is thy sheath!/ There rust, and let me die.”(5.3.174) Shakespeare uses this dramatic irony to exemplify the outcomes of acting rashly. In this case, the outcome was death for Juliet. Another way Shakespeare expresses this is through Friar Laurence. To try and break the feud, Friar Lawrence married Romeo and Juliet, not thinking about what else could happen. By marrying them out of emotion, both would die, leaving Friar Lawrence in a pit of sorrow. This proves once again, that Shakespeare taught lessons to his audience through different examples with different dangers.

Romeo and Juliet is a play full of many themes. Shakespeare shows the theme that acting rashly leads to bad outcomes. This concept’s educated throughout the entire story. This’s done by Shakespeare through his many different outcomes, and by using the intense love between Romeo and
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