Impulsiveness In Motivational Interviews

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Interview KS I experienced a different realm of assessing others in a non-clinical environment. First, the thought of assessing an individual incarcerated made me uncomfortable. After reading through his file and preparing paperwork I began to normalize my feelings and engaged with KS on a client/professional level. While interviewing KS he explained he was diagnosed with ADHD in the past and has a hard time controlling his anger. ADHD is a common diagnosis amongst children and teens. According to the DSM-V ADHD falls under F code 90.8. classifies ADHD as Hyperactivity, impulsiveness, or having a hard time paying attention. Usually, ADHD is detected in early school years and can follow the child throughout adulthood. As a result, KS concentration difficulties affected school, home, and social settings.…show more content…
I used information I learned from the DSM-V and applied it to the interview with KS. Being proficient in motivational interviewing allowed me to engage intrinsic motivation within KS. Motivational Interviewing is a counseling style that is goal oriented and client-centered which elicits behavior change by helping clients explore and resolve ambivalence. Using this technique allowed me to become a helper to KS’s change process. According to Garthwait 2014 understanding, the importance of effective communication is the perquisites for becoming a skilled communicator, which is the goal of both the student and lifelong practitioner. Because I am trained in interactions with clients and client systems I engaged effectively with KS. Effective listening includes active listening, building rapport, paraphrasing, use of open-ended questions, etc. These communication skills enhance accurate understanding and establish an effective working
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