Impulsiveness In Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Semester Two Essay Final Draft
Impetuosity and impulsiveness cause the death of the two main characters in Romeo and Juliet. The two are so impulsive not because of passion and love or fate, they are like this due to the two not being in true love. Some examples of how they are impulsive and impetuous is how Juliet immediately agrees with the Friar 's plan to put her to sleep to avoid the marriage with Paris and how Romeo kills Tybalt and Paris. Romeo 's “love” for Juliet and is not love. Romeo only marries Juliet to get over Rosaline. In fact, the only reason he goes to the party where he meets Juliet is because he thinks that Rosaline might be there. This quote from shows that Romeo is still in love with Rosaline the day he meets Juliet. Romeo says, “Bid a sick man in sadness make his will. / Ah, word ill urged to one that is so ill! / In sadness, cousin, I do love a woman.”(1.1.197-199) Romeo only marries Juliet to ease the pain of heartbreak from Rosaline. Juliet isn’t in love with Romeo either. Just before Juliet meets Romeo for the first time she says she is not ready to be married. Her mother says, “LADY CAPULET: Marry, that 'marry ' is the very theme / I came to talk of. Tell me, daughter Juliet, / How stands your disposition to be married?/ JULIET: It is an honour that I dream not of.” (1.3.63-66) Juliet states that she is not ready to be married or that she would even dream of being married so soon. Neither of them are in love
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