Impurities In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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impurities ”( Blakesely 2). In the play, John Proctor is tested in life threatening or deal and his death at the end rather than betrayal of his conscious, shows us that he has come through the fire to be purified. Also, crucible means trial or deal and test (Blakesely 2) . The Crucible is set in small settlement of Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The first three acts take place in the spring, and the fourth act is in the fall. Salem is divided into two parts Salem village and Salem town. Each act is set with in small room. As , act 1 is in bed room in Reverend Parris’s house, act 2 is in Proctor’s living room, act 3 is in main hall of meeting house or church and act5 is in cell in Salem jail (Bly 31). “These setting give an…show more content…
Proctor serves as the voice of reason and justice. As he is the one, who knows the reality of Parris, so he is always anger with him and seldom go to the church. Parris is an example of appearance versus reality. As in his first appearance, he seems good father, who cares about his daughter but in the fact, he only cares about his reputation, as he says “they will howl me out of the Salem for such corruption in my house” (1.10). Parris has always disagreements with Proctor and both of them angry with each other. As, Proctor believes that Parris is not man of God , he is man of money. So, both of them stand against each other like enemies ,as Proctor makes fun of Parris and abuses him with his words “Mr Parris, you are the first minister ever did demand the deed to this house”(1.24). So, Parris’s chance is in the court against Proctor, tries to destroy Proctor’s reputation in order to satisfy his anger. As in, Parris words against Proctor “Be ware this man” (111.70).Also, Parris makes the court asks Proctor, why he is not go to the church lately a lot and also why his third child has not been baptized (111.70). That questions have reduced of Proctor’s situation at the court. In addition, Parris’s anger toward Proctor pushes the judge to be restrained and furies against Proctor. Also, proctor’s answer shows the hatred between…show more content…
Then moving to rising actions, as Parris sends to doctor to know what happens to his daughter Betty, Parris is afraid from his country if they know that Parris has corruption at his house. The climax of the play is cleared, when Elizabeth has been accused for witch craft by Abigail. Also, Abigail and other girls pretension at the court have made the situation of Elizabeth and other innocent women more complicated. Moving to following actions, Proctor admits his affair with Abigail at the court, then Proctor confession of making witch craft. At the last Miller used horrible ending, that ends with Proctor’s refusal to give his name and sign on his confession, so he hangs up and he reaches to high
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