In A Grove Literary Analysis

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Truth and perspective can often be misleading. In "In a Grove," by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, several characters give their own testimonies regarding the murder of a samurai and the assault of his wife. However, these testimonies contradict each other in specific details. Although a perpetrator has been identified and captured, no conclusion regarding the true sequence of events that occurred can be found due to the confusing nature of the situation. The conflicting accounts of the events leading to the samurai 's tragic end create an ambiguous tale in which different viewpoints and opinions regarding the scenario are explained. Although the ending of all the narratives presented by the witnesses and parties involved end similarly, the discrepancies of the general accounts illustrate how different perspectives and points of view create dissonant truths that must be resolved. Within "In a Grove," the most significant perspective is held by Takehiko, the murdered samurai, because it is the most objective. Given his status as a samurai, it is likely that he would provide the most accurate and truthful testimony, especially considering that his account would condemn his murderer. After Tajomaru, the criminal who tied and bound the samurai and assaulted his wife Masago, releases the swordsman from his bonds, Takehiko describes how he then took his wife 's fallen sword and "stabbed it into [his] breast" (Senior…show more content…
Solving the mystery of the circumstances of the samurai 's death requires the ability to command and piece together multiple narratives. Despite one point of view being more factual than the others, all perspectives build upon each other to great a greater picture. The individual parts work together to weave a larger view of the events. Each perspective is important, and help connect the pieces of the puzzle in order to create a clearer understanding. Differing perspectives, while sometimes difficult to relate to each other, are beneficial in finding the
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