In A Hundred Thousand Hundred Daisies Analysis

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“In a hundred, hundred daisies” readers are met with the main protagonist Danny. He’s a mischievous and sly teenage boy who despises a water corporation for destroying his family farm through the construction of a pipeline bringing water down to the Southwest from his home. The author wants the readers to connect and sympathize with Danny towards the end of the story to better understand his character and what he is going through. The sympathy felt for Danny is reinforced through the setting of the story because it’s what created this version of Danny. When what he cared for was lost, he became more of a delinquent and started relishing in the past and wasn’t focused on the present or future. In the beginning some readers might learn to despise…show more content…
This can be shown when he bashes the rock over the security guard 's head just so that he could sneak into the Allen Corporations and destroy the pipeline before his father does. He most likely does this to prove to his father that he is just as determined to get their farm back. However, the reader isn’t given a whole lot of context when the story begins on what and why Danny is doing what he is doing. This is where the reader might learn to despise Danny for his actions because there is not context for what he is doing. All the reader knows is that he is vandalizing a pipeline and injuring a security guard. The author also uses a unique way of describing the way he injures the guard. She starts off by saying Danny was runner-up for state championship and then when he gets the security guard on the ground Danny says “I’ve got him on the ground. Illegal hold, unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct: two penalty points” (Kress 131). The way Kress decided to describe the fight with Danny and the guard shows how readers might find him despicable and devious. The language and diction really helps support and show Danny’s character in the beginning of the story. It gives the intention that the author may have wanted the readers to despise Danny at this point. The language used during the fight proves that Danny without any more information about his character can be seen as a delinquent. And this towards the end of the story will
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