In A Parking Lot At Rockland Harbor Essay

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Those who have had the privilege of living along or even visiting Maine’s coast know the vast amenities it has to offer. For those who haven’t been fortunate enough to be exposed to the coast, this book can give you the insight to make you believe you have. Top-notch poems, short stories, and artwork found inside allow you to see into the regional culture of the area and priorities of the people who live here. In the poem, “In a Parking Lot at Rockland Harbor”, David Adams perfectly describes what one could imagine an old lobstermen to be like. The coast is famous for it’s fishing industry, specifically the abundance and high quality of lobster found there. Fishermen, or Maine workers in general, spend their lives working hard to provide for their families and truly take pride in what they do. In another poem, “Maine”, Leo Connellan speaks of Maine’s staples. Cold winters, hot summers, potatoes, seafood, blackberries are a prime example. He also speaks of Maine not being able to provide for its…show more content…
The incredibly famous, Stephen King, from Maine himself is featured within this book. His short story, “The Reach”, is actually a body of water that separates the mainland from Goat Island. 95-year old Stella, with deteriorating health, sets off to cross the Reach to the mainland for the very first time because she never felt the need to before. Everything she’s ever needed to survive has been on the island. This goes to shows that many who live on the coast are isolated from the rest of the world but make do with what they have by coming together as a community. Another short story within this book, “The Ledge”, depicts the life of a man who’s spent his life providing for his family as a fishermen. The work ethic seen in this man and the traditions his and his family share could easily be represented by many others on the coast of

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