In Cardigan Market Analysis

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“A Peasant” and “In Cardigan Market” Comparison Essay 'In Cardigan Market' and 'A Peasant' both present characters in their own environment. After examining the poems in detail, compare the ways in which the two poets present these characters. The character of 'Iago Prytherch' in 'A Peasant' and the character of 'Auntie Jane fish' in 'In Cardigan Market' are explored and presented using their thoughts, actions and observations. In both poems the character presentation is indirect and the poems are also both written in the first person. I will discuss how the poets have given the reader the ability to understand and view the characters within their own environments. 'In Cardigan Market' has continuous themes of locality, community and mainly character development due to the surrounding environment. Likewise, 'A Peasant' ensures these themes are present too. 'Auntie Jane fish' 'squats' in the marketplace all day. Similarly, 'Iago' is 'enduring like a tree' when tending his farm. At first glance, 'A Peasant' demonstrates how eager 'Iago…show more content…
To begin, the quantitative adjective 'few' seems to be quite a derogatory statement made towards 'Iago'. As 'Iago' is a farmer he would typically have a large sum of animals. As Thomas is a priest, he may have envied the character as 'Iago' is closer to God and God's creations. Nevertheless, 'few' could imply that 'Iago' is poor, thus referring back to the poem's title 'A Peasant'. Moreover, 'a gap of cloud' possibly evokes that there is a loved one or God looking down at him from the sky. The continuous theme of God may either be due to the poet being a priest or introduces the idea that 'Iago' is elderly and about to pass away. Bearing this in mind, the full quote how 'Iago' does not want to part with his animals and as a result wants to take them with him. Yet, it could also be deciphered as how he is turning the clouds' shapes
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