In Cold Blood By Truman Capote

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Have you ever wonder a few decades ago how people lives were punished for being a part of a crime? Many of these individuals are rather influenced by the crimes or were affected by their devastated childhood. As you can see a writer name Truman Capote have demonstrated us how an investigation has reflected us on law, discipline, and the important factors of using capital punishment. Capital punishment is defined as the death penalty, in which you penalized people who has done wrong in the world or violated an act/law. If has been used today and in ancient times for various accusation or offenses. There are a few of articles that support this statement and they are “In Cold Blood” (1965), by Truman Capote, “Truth, Law and Forensic Psychiatry …show more content…

The outcome out of it that there is a lot of issues that arise with the death penalty such as moral situation, and innocent lives being taken away, when they shouldn’t be. According to the article “Death Penalty? Yes or No” (2009), “Among other factors cited by opponents of the death penalty is that it is barbaric and violates the cruel and unusual clause in the bill of rights”. This violation as a citizen affects the rights of the people and showing individuals that is acceptable to kill in a way of recommending the death penalty. Another negative impact on capital punishment, it causes incredible suffering and pain for the sentenced and brutalizes society. According to the article “Truth ,Law and Forensic Psychiatry in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood” (2012), “ By the way of this sympathetic person, the reader is led to identify with the prisoner, to share his perspectives ( his view upon the world and his fear) and to look upon him as a person”,(pg. 247). His view on being in prison is being affected in a way he is afraid and, fearful about these prisoners because he is petrified that someone will find out what illegal act he had participated in or what he had contribute to this crime. Finally, this is how the death penalty has a negative effect on …show more content…

Both of them took their time to plan and unexpectedly invite there self into the clutters family. As their mission was ready to burglarized , instead they end up killing the clutter family supposiveley for money but, Dick’s mission was to get closer to a young girl name Nancy which he admire. In the book “In Cold Blood” (1965), “The good people of Kansas want to murder me and some hangman will be glad to get the work done. It’s easy to kill a lot easier than passing a bad checking”, (pg. 291). Throughout our Supreme Court system Perry and Dick will be executed because of an illegal act they did and the type of murder they committed. Many people agree with the court’s decision in the murder case because not only they convicted a highly illegal act but, bad illegal

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