In Cold Blood Dialectical Journal Essay

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1. The comparison between grain elevators to Greek temples is how the Greek temples are like the elevators but way before tourists reach them. Capote uses imagery to get his point across that the land in Holcomb is extraordinary. 2. To emphasize that they didn't really know who their neighbors were. The innocent could not pinpoint who was the guilty because everyone blended in with one another. 3. His wife's health. She suffered from "spells." She was a psychiatric patient. 4. Mr Clutter's pride and joy was his land. He has a lot of land he was proud of. 5. The text shifts to nostalgia. Capote’s composition turns substantially more uncultured and unexpected. The small town imagery is gone and homicide appears and foreshadows future events. 6. Perry likes to lift weights but he looks odd because his legs are not developed and he is short. 7. Perry does not feel as comfortable in his home…show more content…
To become closer friends. To resolve any bad blood. To get together. 9. The score has not been seen as explicit yet. But Dick stole his father’s gun and plans to visit Perry’s sister. it foreshadows violence and murder. 10. Kenyon is not interested in girls and spends most of his time in the basement. He is an outsider. 11. The biggest challenge would be Willie’s position as assistant to the chaplain and Perry had a deep love for the chaplain. Their love was never consummated because their feelings would’ve been a challenge to their friendship. 12. Dick needs Perry because of Perry’s “natural killer tendencies.” 13. The idea of a robbery and atmosphere. A stolen car. Revenger. And that they will not be connected to the murders or traced back to them. 14. The initial speculation has a few suspects but the suspects are cleared. The people of Holcomb confront what is actually happening. 15. Holcomb was not perfect before and people would hide what the truth was. After the truth came out, the town changed. The townspeople were in belief that someone could’ve done something like
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