In Cold Blood Dialectical Journal

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During the discussion, I didn’t talk as much as I should have because for the questions that I didn’t raise my hand for I didn’t have an opinion for the discussion at hand, or at least I didn’t have a solid response that could be backed up with the text or generate more discussions among the group. For the two times that I did respond to someone’s response, I felt that I had a view worthy of being shared among my group, and this was supported when some of my peers agreed with the point I made and added their own view on top of mine. But for my second response, it was more like two responses which were included in one as a result of my wanting to respond to something that was mentioned before but that I wasn’t called on for, and for the most recent response at the time. The story closes with the image of a giggle to further convey to the reader that Mary’s mentally unstable. Even after murdering Patrick, she would still love him somewhat and regret killing him immediately if she was normal. Even after being told terrible news, she shouldn’t consider murder as a proper reaction. If it wasn’t for her unborn baby, she would’ve accepted being jailed or even worse, executed. “She knew quite well what the penalty would be. That was fine. It made no difference to her. In fact, it would be a relief”(pg 4). She accepted the the…show more content…
Because of this, she’s expected to love him no matter what. The reasons stated within the passage would make no sense to any ordinary person, and would not be recognized as reasons to love someone. “She loved him for the way he sat loosely in a chair, for the way he came in a door, or moved slowly across the room with long strides. She loved the intent, far look in his eyes when they rested on her, the funny shape of the mouth”(pg 2). In order to justify her servitude to him, she unconsciously attempted to look for valid reasons to love him, which didn’t exist, which resulted in these inadequate
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