In Cold Blood Literary Analysis

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A genre classifies books with similar characteristics and style together. Nonfiction is a type of genre that means that all statements in that book are factual. In Cold Blood, written by Truman Capote, is considered nonfiction, but there are many critics who think it contains elements of fiction. There are various flaws in the book that deny its nonfiction claim. Indeed, it is true that this book is based on a true account, but Capote’s descriptions seem too detailed to be true. How is he fully confident to include conversations between Nancy and Kenyon Clutter when he never met them? How is it possible that Capote knows that Perry and Dick’s confessions are true? To conclude that his book is nonfiction lacks plausible evidences. Even though, books need to contain factual evidences for the writing to be nonfiction, but Capote’s writing style is too detailed to be accurate. His poetic writing style adds painstaking details, but it also provides surreal occurings. It is absolutely true that In Cold Blood is based on a murder case that happened in real life. It is understandable that most of the book can be put together with extensive research-- which Capote did, for many many…show more content…
Based on source B, “... fiction and nonfiction do tend to deploy different methods for getting to the truth. Fiction, we have been told, tells the truth but it slant.” It is claiming that fiction is just a different way of presenting nonfiction. That argument is completely implausible, fiction will never be nonfiction. And nonfiction will never be fiction. How can nonfiction be present in a fictional way when they are complete opposites of each other? They are created to be different from each other and belong in two different genres. A true account can never be considered “nonfiction” when that book incorporates fictional elements in
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