In Cold Blood Perry Analysis

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In Cold Blood Essay #2 Although Perry commited a terrible crime, Capote depicts perry as a innocent and push-over person; therefore, true guilt falls upon the manipulator. Capote writes Dick and Perry as two very seperate people that have underlying differences. Perry tells an anecdote about his initial feelings towarrds Dick explaining why he said the things he said, “‘Deep down,” Perry continued, “way, way rock-bottom, I never thought I could do it. A thing like that.” And at once he recognized his error: Dick would, of course, answer by asking, “How about the nigger?” When he’d told Dick that story, it was because he’d wanted Dick’s friendship, wanted Dick to “respect” him, think him “hard,” as much “the masculine type” as he had considered Dick to be”(Capote 111). Deep down Perry knows what they did was wrong. Based on the story the only reason that Perry was said fit to be Dicks…show more content…
Certain sentences that Dick conveys give off an emotional response known as connotation. Most of the feelings are anger towards the way Dick manipulates Perry, “On that point they were in accord, for Dick had said, “If we get caught, let’s get caught together. Then we can back each other up. When they start pulling the confession crap, saying you said and I said.” Moreover, if he broke with Dick, it meant the end of plans still attractive to Perry, and despite recent reverses, deemed possible by both----a skin-diving, treasure-hunting life lived together amoung islands or along coasts south of the border”(Capote 91). Not only does Dick manipulate Perry to staying with him but Perry still thinks that the treasure and wonderful life is real. Dick planted those things inside Perry’s head to make them stay together when Perry could leave and not be caught. Dick doesn’t want to get cought alone. The passage produces anger knowing that the fabulous life that Perry is waiting for was made up and it will be anything but
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