In Cold Blood Quote Analysis

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“He did not smoke, and of course he did not drink; indeed, he had never tasted spirits, and was inclined to avoid people who had—a circumstance that did not shrink his social circle as much as might be supposed, for the center of that circle was supplied by the members of Garden City's First Methodist Church,a congregation totaling seventeen hundred ,most of whom were as abstemious as Mr. Clutter could desire.’’ (10)
( Culture and Community ) Capote used this quote to illustrate the culture of the village of Holcomb, where Mr.Clutter lived and how the social life of a religious family is rooted in their church. This quote represents culture, because is trying to tell us that people in Holcomb should live a life according to their religion ,because their actions affect their social circle and their community.
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They maintain the utmost integrity and virtue when it comes to family life and this is reflected in Mr. and Mrs. Clutter’s kind, giving, and somewhat perfect children. From this quote we can conclude that Capote wrote this novel to show how our culture of our childhood can affect our way to live,think ,and act. Which is the case of Perry Smith and Dick Hickock. More than that, this quote contributes to the overall theme of The Dynamics of Family
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