In Cold Blood Rhetorical Analysis

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A book writer, Truman Capote in the novel, In Cold Blood, published in 1966 addresses the topic of enclosing murder of the Clutter family, and argues that In Cold Blood is a different type of book he calls it nonfiction novel. He supports this claim by narrating illustrating the Clutter family story and the murder story than using the real story of all the characters, then uncover the murderers through time spent with them and their interviews, and finally motives that went to the death sentence of Smith and Hickock for committing the crime. Capote’s purpose is to convince the reader in order to get the reader to believe his novel is a different writing style called nonfiction novel. He adopts an incredulous tone for his audience, the readers of novel, and others interested in the topic of murder through the use of…show more content…
For example, “The ceiling leaks, the floor boards wobble, the mailbox won’t shut, the light bulbs are broken, and the clock has stopped” (Capote, 1966). The quote show the used of imagery be giving the reader a view of Holcomb and how old it, because we went to Holcomb and he saw the post office and how it looked. The imagery used to show the locator of Holcomb gives the reader more about the author’s purpose of the nonfiction novel. Rhetorical device is to help the reader connect to the novel like the quote give the reader a view of the rundown places in
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