In Cold Blood Truman Capote Analysis

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The Protagonist Versus Me
Although it’s often times difficult to catch my attention with a book, In Cold Blood, written by Truman Capote was able to do that. This non-fiction crime bestseller begins with immediate action, which, in my opinion, is the best way to intrigue the reader. Two men, Dick and Perry, are both ex-con men. During their jail sentence, Dick spent time talking to a cellmate, Willie-Jay. They discussed how Willie used to work for a well-known family referred to as the Clutters. They were the typical wealthy and friendly family that the whole neighborhood knew. Money hungry, Dick knew his game plan as soon as he was let out on probation. Perry told Dick a fictional story about how he killed a man which made Dick think he’d be perfect for his master plan. They both proceeded to Holcomb, Kansas to murder the family and collect the expected currency, supposedly hidden in Mr. Clutter’s safe. After killing
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I would have felt the need to eliminate all witnesses to reassure myself that I would only be caught through faults of my own. However, I feel that Dick Hickock and Perry made the smart decision by not killing each other because it seems to be the least morbid way to approach their situation. When it comes to their position on returning to Kansas City to pass bad checks so they can have money before leaving the country or just proceeding to Mexico, I completely disagree with going back. This is because returning to a place where you have just committed a crime seems foolish to me. In order to earn money, I would have rather robbed someone who was around me in the new area I have migrated to rather than risking it all to pass fraud
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