How Did In Cold Blood Affect Journalism

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In Cold Blood’s Effect on Journalism Outline
Introduction Paragraph 1:
By definition journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. (...) Journalism is where the writer gives out information to his audience (the reader). The purpose and principal of journalism is the function news plays in people's lives. News that keeps us informed and a way of communication about the different events, issues, and what is going on outside of the world (...). Journalism may be pretty interesting our engaging to know about, but the best thing you can get out of it is the power to have the knowledge about things happening around us.

Introduction Paragraph 2:
Before In Cold Blood what journalism was like before the book was made in …show more content…

Go into detail and talk about the way it changed how journalist reported (took notes on events and what the journalist did with the reports to make it more interesting) B. How reporters did everything before the original way before the novel came out
Facts (...)

Body Section 2: (effects on the people that read the reports)
Talk about the public and their opinion on the news before Capote's new style of writing
Talk about how it impacted society and newspaper business and did people like it or dislike it before the novel came out
Talk about how it society viewed reportage and journalism if they were interested in the reports or not did the news get a lot of attention or not
B. Before this style was out (the reader's view on it)
Facts (...) if the readers read it a lot or not

III. Body Paragraph: (Reason for writing in this style)
The author Capote uses Verisimilitude, to make it seem as if there and to make a story seem very real.
Truman wrote the topic with the intention of creating a new genre, a different way on a newspaper article not including his perspective at all in the text, letting the reader come up with their opinion on the

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