In College Hiding From Scary Ideas By Shulevitz Analysis

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TRIGGER WARNING: This essay or paper,will include discussion of ideas that may conflict with your own. Universities across the United States are in a time of great turbulence. This is due to the fact that they are now being held responsible to be sensitive to students needs and experiences. As a result, Universities are dealing with the unintended consequence that students are able to dictate course material based on their comfort level and/or beliefs. Universities are increasingly becoming concerned with trigger warnings; that students are less likely to be able to broaden their field of vision than ever before. This consequently refrains college students from being able to reach a level of maturity and to be able to grow tougher skin. ¨Trigger Warning-noun.a statement at the start…show more content…
Fear of complaints for offending or discomforting some of their students professors altogether avoid discussing such topics. Even though professor are doing their best to keep college-level discussions suitable for the hypersensitive, professors are doing bad for them and for everyone else in the classroom. For example, in the article In College and Hiding From Scary Ideas by Shulevitz, “The offender was the free-speech advocate Wendy Kaminer, who had been arguing against the use of the euphemism “the n-word” when teaching American history or “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. In the uproar that followed, the Student Government Association wrote a letter declaring that “if Smith is unsafe for one student, it is unsafe for all students.” In response Ms.Kaminer said in an email. “It’s amazing to me that they can’t distinguish between racist speech and speech about racist speech, between racism and discussions of racism.” The reality is, discomfort is inevitable in classrooms; professors main goal is to expose students to new
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