In Deep Treble: A Short Story

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In Deep Treble.

“Help me, Brit!”

“Dad will be up here any minute and he’ll freak out if he sees my music stuff!” I screamed to my sister.

“Just tell them you want to sing” She replied.

My parents were both doctors and they desperately wanted me to be one too. I didn’t have a choice really.

I got admission into one of the best universities, worldwide. I was officially a Hillman student. The exact university my parents studied and graduated from for Medicine.

I got there and honestly, I just felt overwhelmed and trapped. It was like being strapped to a chair whilst staring at an open door.

I had no time rest or adjust, I had my first organic chemistry class in 5 minutes. I hurried to my class and Professor O’Dell was at the door. He was
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She chose med school because it seemed like a safer option.

“You see honey, I didn’t have guts like you. You’re brave, following your heart. You should do what makes you happy. I will stand by you no matter what. Your dad will come around, hopefully.”

It felt good to hear that from my mother. Dad was the only problem.

I went back to Hillman the next morning. My national’s competition was on that night! I was so excited. I met up with Charlie at lunch and told him about what happened in the conversation I had with my parents back home. He was very supportive and calmed me down a bit. He then gave me a cheeky smirk, and told me he’d be right back because he had to make a phone call. I had to go to practice anyway so we split our ways.

It was time for our performance. I had wished that my Dad was more supportive of me on this. I would’ve liked them to come see this performance, something I choreographed myself!

We were all set; I wanted to take a peak through the curtains to see the crowd. I took a peak and there were my parents! In the first
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