In-Depth Character Development In The Movie Ratatouille

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Good drama films have in-depth character development as well as serious or realistic situations in the story. Ratatouille, a Pixar movie that is seen as an adventure comedy film has many of the qualities that drama films have. The film Ratatouille is a excellent depiction of a dramatic film because of its detailed development of the characters as well as the complex situations and conflicts within the story that help it connect with viewers.
The film Ratatouille is about a rat named Remy with a knack for cooking along with an unusually heightened sense of smell that he used to help himself when preparing meals. Remy finds himself in Paris near the restaurant of his hero after being separated from his clan of rats. Remy then chose to follow his dream of becoming a great culinarian with the help of his friend Linguini, a
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After many struggles the protagonist along with his friends end up opening up their own small restaurant named “La Ratatouille” and continue to live happily after that.
Characters in drama films are usually deeply detailed so that the audience will be able to understand them better. Remy is the strong willed protagonists of the story and is depicted as a young rat that seems to act more like a human for the reason that he seems to connect more to humans. He likes to walk upright on two legs and washes his paws when dealing with food, especially when they’re dirty. Remy had even taught himself how to read and prepare food by looking through cookbooks and watching films about his hero Gusteau. This determination caused the young rat to follow his dreams of becoming an exceptional cook. Throughout the story Remy is

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